How Do I Move Forward?


It’s a question you’re asking yourself often these days. You may be experiencing challenging interpersonal, management, or leadership challenges at work with your colleagues, employees, or boss.


Or maybe you want to move forward in your career, but you’re at a loss for how to go about it. You may even be questioning your commitment to international humanitarian work.


Career Clarity is a six-month professional development program to guide you forward with peace and clarity in your international aid work career.

Here’s what I see as possible for you:

  • Higher level of self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Improved management and leadership skills and competencies

  • Improved communication skills with colleagues and supervisors

  • Lower stress levels leading to improved professional performance

  • Higher likelihood than before of promotions, raises, and new opportunities

  • Smarter goal setting and clearer vision about the future



Targeted Professional Development

My name is Charles Vincent and I developed this coaching and mentoring service after I retired from 28 years in the field for the UN World Food Programme. I had thousands of staff under my direct responsibility and the opportunity to mentor hundreds more.

What I found was that people who do international aid work have a very specific set of challenges and needs in regards to professional development.

The traditional training and coaching programs offered by your agency or organization likely do not address the challenges and needs that you’re currently facing, nor do they offer solutions for moving forward in a totally confidential space.

This coaching program does.

“I reached out to Charles when I was in need of advice in dealing with a complicated colleague whom I manage because my stress had reached an unacceptable level. When I started working with him, I felt such relief at being able to speak with someone who had the professional UN experience and was able to impartially and non-judgmentally provide the appropriate steps to take. As a result, I become a stronger manager. You showed me how to be a successful boss!”



How It Works


Career Clarity includes ten 60-minute coaching sessions conducted via Skype or phone.


During the first month, we’ll meet every week. The first 60-minute session is for you to explain your situation and begin prioritizing areas of focus, and the next three 60-minute weekly sessions are to build momentum and progress.


After that, within the next five months we’ll meet for six additional 60-minute sessions (typically every other week). The sessions will include a mix of coaching and mentoring to maximize your learning experience.


Every session includes a pre-session focus form for you to fill out and a session record sent by me afterwards that includes key takeaways and agreed “assignments.” These forms will be provided to you via Google Documents.


The cost: $1,800. (Payment plans are available.)


BONUS: If we determine that you would benefit from personal coaching support as well, you can choose to use any of your 60-minute sessions after the first month with Kenden. It’s like having two expert coaches for the price of one.


“As a UN Agency Representative in the field, having confidential support outside of the workplace is essential to my professional well-being and growth. And it’s exactly what Charles offers. He advocates for me and is always willing to share his insights and skills in order to help me advance professionally and in life. One of the areas I needed help with was leadership. After working through this with Charles, I’m happy to report that I am on the path to being a capable leader! Working with Charles on my professional challenges has shifted my perception of my problems and concerns, and has enabled me to simplify and unravel previously complex experiences.”


“As an organization, we were in a total rut; and as an individual, I had hit close to rock bottom in terms of how much pressure there was on me to ‘right the ship.’ Charles is an excellent listener and provided an endless amount of positive feedback. I felt calmer after every call, and the results speak for themselves—my organization is in a much better position now than we were five months ago. I’m also much more confident in my role as a communicative, positive leader!”





What’s the difference between coaching and mentoring, and what is this?

Coaching primarily is focused conversations to support you to achieve a specific personal or professional goal. It’s targeted and outcome-focused. Mentoring is a learning and development partnership during which we exchange and use   specific work and situational experiences to enhance a specific task or skill you need to solve a specific problem or achieve a specific task. With Career Clarity, we’ll do a mix of both, depending on your needs.


Which coaching ethics do you abide by?

I abide by the International Coaching Federation’s ethics, which you can find here if you’re curious to know more.


I’m trying to decide between this and your personal support service. Which one is right for me?

Luckily, you don’t have to choose between one and the other! As the coaching relationship evolves, you may feel the need to get personal coaching support.  With Aid Worker Support, you get “two coaches for the price of one.” At any time in your service, you may request a session with either Kenden or Charles, giving you the benefit of the specific expertise of each coach.


I’m in-between assignments—is this service for me?

Career Clarity can help you take stock of your past professional experiences,  make conscious decisions about their future, and acquire key skills you need in the next phase of their life and career. In between assignments is actually an ideal time to explore these topics.


I’m in the middle of a challenging post—is this service for me?

Yes, particularly if you feel you need additional tools and skills to manage the issues you are confronting. Also at any time you may request an Aid Worker Wellness coaching session to address any mental, emotional, or physical stress you may be experiencing.


I’m working at headquarters right now—is this service for me?

If your work at headquarters does not inspire or motivate you anymore, or you feel that you are in a “toxic” work environment, then this service is definitely for you.


I’m a man—is this service for me?

Yes! About 20% of our clients are men. If Career Clarity resonates with you, we will be happy to work with you.


What’s your refund policy?

If after two coaching sessions, you find that this service is not the right fit for you, simply send me an email and you’ll be refunded any fees you’ve already paid minus the cost of the two sessions (a pro rata refund).


How soon can I get started?

It depends on your availability; typically clients can get started with their first session one to two weeks from the initial consultation call.


To recap: With Career Clarity, you receive ten 60-minute coaching sessions over a six-month period with guiding prompts and homework to offer you clarity and tools for a thriving professional life. The cost is $1,800 and payment plans are available.



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