You’ve Found the Perfect Job—Will Your Current CV Get You Shortlisted and Selected For the Interview?


When you find a vacancy announcement that looks like the perfect fit for your expertise—and you’re excited about the opportunity—you get excited, thinking to yourself: “This is exactly what I want.”


But then you remember the state of your current CV, and your heart drops.  And when you start thinking about your cover letter, you “freeze.” You really want this job, and you know your generic CV and cover letter won’t get you shortlisted!


It’s time to partner with a pro.


The CV & Cover Letter Upgrade service offers you:


  • Professional review of your current CV and cover letter in relation to the vacancy announcement

  • Two rounds of CV and cover letter edits, comments, and clarifying questions from an expert


“I had applied for a position in Geneva, and was very nervous about the Skype interviews that were part of the selection process. With Charles’ help, I came to the interviews prepared and fully confident in myself to answer the interviewing panel. I got the position! I know this professional accomplishment is going to change both my working and personal life. Thank you!”



Your CV & Cover Letter Reviewer


My name is Charles Vincent and I started offering this CV and cover letter service after I retired from 28 years in the field for the UN World Food Programme. I had thousands of staff under my direct responsibility and the opportunity to mentor hundreds more.


I’ve been on the receiving end of hundreds of vacancy announcements, and know what a CV and cover letter needs to do in order to stand out.


I’ve also helped hundreds of humanitarian workers tailor their CV and cover letter to improve their chances of landing their dream job.


So let’s get you that call for an interview.



“Charles provided me with ideas for how to improve my CV to make me standout and make sure that my experience and qualifications were highlighted. I learned about mistakes I was making in my approach, too. This service was so useful for me because I got to ask all my personal, specific questions of an expert -- and he always had useful responses!”  

How It Works

The resume review includes two rounds of edits, comments, and clarifying questions for your CV and cover letter that are tailored to a specific vacancy announcement.


This is a virtual service, meaning we will correspond via email and tracked changes in electronic documents. If required, we can also hop on a Skype call to discuss changes.


Once I receive all the requested materials from you, I’ll communicate my expected review time (typically within five business days).


You’ll receive my edits, comments, and clarifying questions directly in your CV and cover letter, so you can make the final decision regarding any desired changes.


Once I receive your second draft, I’ll communicate my expected secondary review time (typically within three business days).


You’ll then receive the second round of my edits, comments, and clarifying questions for your CV and cover letter, so you can make your final changes.


You can then apply to the job you want and give yourself the best chance to be shortlisted and selected for the interview!


The cost: $500. (Full payment is due before work begins.)


Ready to land that dream job? Get started by submitting your request below!



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